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Real estate transactions can be complicated and time consuming. But the right New Jersey real estate lawyer can make the process easier for you. From due diligence and negotiations to closings and commercial leases, the law firm of Chaves Perlowitz Luftig LLP can guide you through the whole process. Our lawyers can advocate for your interests and your rights while making the transaction as seamless as possible.

At Chaves Perlowitz Luftig LLP, our team has decades of experience with residential and commercial real estate transactions throughout New Jersey and New York. We can deliver smart solutions to help you meet your goals. With an in-depth knowledge of the real estate market and extensive connections, our legal team has the resources, knowledge, and foresight to help you get where you want to go. From buying and selling to banking and commercial leasing, our attorneys can help.

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Why Choose Us for Your New Jersey Real Estate Transaction?

Before you begin any real estate transaction, make sure that you have the right law firm on your side. The experienced New Jersey real estate attorneys at Chaves Perlowitz Luftig LLP can make all the difference by providing:

  • Extensive experience in a wide range of real estate transactions. Our attorneys have worked with owners, operators, and developers. We have helped small family-run organizations and large holding companies. We have worked with both buyers and sellers. When it comes to real estate transactions, our lawyers know both sides of the table.
  • Commercial real estate know-how. We have handled acquisitions and dispositions of a broad range of commercial properties, including healthcare facilities, office buildings, and hotels. We know what regulatory issues may be involved and which laws apply. You can rest easy knowing that your transaction is under control. No matter what type of commercial real estate transaction you are considering, our team has the tools, knowledge, and experience you need.
  • Residential real estate knowledge. Our real estate lawyers in New Jersey have handled residential real estate transactions throughout the region. From houses and co-ops to condominiums, we’ve worked with all types of residential properties. If you need an experienced real estate attorney to handle your transaction, trust us to get the job done.
  • Deep understanding of the New Jersey real estate market. Context matters, and our team knows what the market means for you and your transaction. When it is time to start a transaction, allow our team to put our knowledge and years of experience to work for you.
  • The skills and resources you need at the negotiating table. When you are working to get the best possible terms for your transaction, our lawyers put their experience, skill, and resources on your side.
  • A dedication to providing the best possible experience. Our team is committed to you, your transaction, and your satisfaction. Our clients come first. We always go the extra mile to make your experience as seamless as possible. We are always accessible, and we are here to answer any questions and address any concerns that arise.

How Can Our Real Estate Lawyers in New Jersey Help You?

Our attorneys are known for providing in-depth knowledge of the real estate market and smart solutions to our clients’ challenges. Our New Jersey real estate attorneys can help you with these real estate issues:

  • Buying and selling. Buying and selling in a real estate transaction can be more complicated than people expect. Our attorneys can help by explaining offers and associated costs. We can also draft and negotiate the legal terms that govern any real estate transaction. Ultimately, we can ensure you are making informed, smart decisions in any transaction.
  • Banking and lending. Throughout the banking and lending process, our attorneys can help you understand your financial risks and obligations. Our experienced team can review key documents and handle the transaction’s banking and lending paperwork.
  • Commercial leasing. Commercial leases come with fewer protections than residential leases. Our experienced attorneys can help you negotiate lease terms and assemble the key documents for you. If you are involved with a commercial lease, our team can work with you while standing up for your rights and interests.

These are only a few of the ways that our talented New Jersey real estate attorneys can help you. When it is time to start a real estate transaction, do not wait to get the help you need. Reach out today to the New Jersey real estate law firm of Chaves Perlowitz Luftig LLP.

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If you are considering a real estate deal in New Jersey, talk with the team at Chaves Perlowitz Luftig LLP today. Our experienced New Jersey real estate attorneys have earned a reputation for our smooth handling of both commercial and residential transactions throughout the area. We know how to make your transaction as seamless as new possible. Whether you are buying or selling, dealing with banking and lending, or negotiating a commercial lease, our attorneys have the knowledge and skill you need.

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