How Landlords Will Safely Re-Open?

July 2, 2020 | Landlord-Tenant

New York City landlords are taking drastic measures to safely re-open their buildings in phases. Most buildings in New York City are following CDC and State guidelines. Phase one, which started a few weeks ago, required all amenities and common areas inside buildings to remain closed. Phase 2 of New York City’s re-opening required buildings’ continued closure, except for essential staff. On July 6th, New York City will be entering Phase 3, which means New York City buildings can begin to open interior common areas and amenities.

In order to safely re-open these areas, buildings will require that social distancing in these areas is maintained and require tenants to adhere to a mask policy. Occupancy in small spaces, such as elevators, must be kept under 50% of maximum capacity. Landlords are establishing designated areas for pickups and deliveries and requiring shared workstations to be cleaned and disinfected between users. In addition to following state guidelines, landlords are ordering protective equipment and additional cleaning supplies to store on-site. Some buildings plan to conduct health screenings at its entrances by monitoring the body temperatures of those entering. Many landlords are going above and beyond what is required to maximize their tenants’ health and safety. The re-opening process has been gradual, but it is essential in order for landlords to create the safest possible environment for their tenants.

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